Amblé – fresh food and old furniture – a few words to fully describe one of the shops and locations of Florence that we would like to find more often around cities in Italy. Amblé is a bistrot and small shop designed as a lounge where you can both eat and shop, based on the choice to create a real antique shop (old furniture market) where you can find vintage furniture, chairs, tables, sofas, as well as porcelain cups and flat, overhead bins or small ornaments for your home.

Along with the antique shop there is the corner where you can have a simple meal, with “tramezzini” (small Italian sandwiches) for example, and stay in an old courtyard away from the more touristy areas of Florence, surrounded by colorful chairs and small tables. In the same location there is the Officina, a great space used as a showroom or to host special events, that has been recovered in part from the main building dating back to the early twentieth century.

From 2015 there is also a corner point at the San Lorenzo Market where you can enjoy special Fabrizio Bodini‘s tramezzini: a way to bring the vintage and simple taste of Amblé to as many people as possible.

Photo © Amblé

amblé | Fresh food and old furniture
Piazzetta dei Del Bene, 7a
Firenze, Italia

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