Nearly twenty years of family history and more than 700 years of local, Italian history, from a territory near Brianza (Lombardia, Northern Italy), marked by small villages and individual farming estates.

Osteria Del Castello was created in the late ’90s by Paolo Scaglione, an entrepreneur with a passion for cooking and local traditions. The location is an old court dating back to 1300 in Corneliano Bertario – fraction of Truccazzano (Province of Milan) – remained almost intact thanks to the attention of a restoration that left exposed brick walls, ceilings with wooden beams, old arcades and passages of the stable areas. In the interior the choice of vintage furniture, poor in some detail, with references to other mixed ages among the first of the ‘900 and the’ 50s, creates a unique retro atmosphere, with the desire to discover all corners and small sittings lost in the location or browse through signs, and thousands of objects left all around. It’s almost a dream for vintage lovers.

Photo © Osteria Del Castello

Osteria Del Castello
Piazza Gallarati Scotti, 8
20060 Truccazzano (MI)
fraz. Corneliano Bertario

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