The Chic Fish | Gialle & Co. | Interior
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Gialle & Co. | Interior

Interior Design

The Chic Fish signs the Gialle & Co. project.

A coordinated project since its genesis because of the establishment of a team composed of chef, marketing strategists, art directors and interior designers, in order to create a strong concept on which build all aspects of the project, from food to design.


The interior design is inspired by rural and genuine places, through the use of raw materials, which – combined in the right way – become refined and unusual.

A refined but rude design. The interior design is characterized by a selection of vintage pieces and the contamination of ancient and modern materials


To convey the feeling of eating en plein air while being inside, the kitchen and the bar have been enclosed within a very special greenhouse, composed of a collage of old vintage windows recovered around Italy. In the hall, a liberty garden fountain gushes natural and sparkling drinking water. Counters and tables are in Gottardo stones left outside for years, in which signs of time and nature are sedimented. Walls are decorated in a desired unfinished mood, to testify that the raw material, from Gialle & Co. has a profound value, even before being worked.

And in the end, the window, with a system of mechanisms that allows the restaurant to be completely open to the city during the summer.


The studio worked on: Marketing Positioning // Naming // Brand Identity // Packaging // Interior Design