The Chic Fish | Gatherings
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Set Design

Gatherings is not a picnic, it’s not an outdoor lunch, it’s not a home restaurant. Gatherings is an exclusive experience to be shared with strangers with the purpose to celebrate nature, local products, hospitality and conviviality. Just one table, several courses, secret locations surrounded by nature and a rural and retro-chic atmosphere curated in every aspect.

Gatherings is the celebration of food, nature and places. A place where tastes, consistency and scents combine together to create a unique shared experience of its kind.

Each event takes place in a secret location that is communicated to guests a week before the event. The event lasts for several hours, with about 20 minutes between one course and the other. Each dish is designed to be enjoyed together with the view, the wine and the conversation. Every aspect of the event is thought carefully according to these premises.


A project by Ma ‘Hidden Kitchen, with the collaboration of The Chic Fish for the first edition 2017.


We worked on: Custom Made Table Design // Vintage Furniture Research // Art de la Table // Graphic Design