The Chic Fish | Mutti
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Set Design

It was 1951 when in Italy was born one of the products that revolutionized the way of cooking: the Triplo Concentrato by Mutti, the historic company founded in 1899 by Marcellino Mutti in Parma.
The Triplo Concentrato was a real revolution in the preservation of the tomato concentrate: an innovation that has gone through unscathed more than half a century of history.

To celebrate this important birthday, Mutti decided to take a time leap by organizing a theme party at the Fondazione Maimeri, in Milan.

The Chic Fish was asked to recreate an apartment by designing a series of sets to revive the atmosphere of the 1950s. A whole day open to all, during which, in addition to taste the flavors of the past, people was able to indulge in wearing clothes in the style of that time, and be “styled” by a team of hair stylists experts in 1950s looks.